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  • Is barista blend vegan? Yes! barista blend is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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I wanted to like this product. It seemed like a sustainable and good environmental choice,

sesame seeds. I love the artwork on the packaging in the concept! However, advertising claims it froths, steams, foams, and makes great latte art. It simply didn't. All I got was a couple little quickly breakable bubbles with my frother. Very disappointed. I was not fond of the texture of the milk either. He was kind of chalky and did not taste wonderful. But I still really want to like it because I love the packaging and the concept, but I don't.

Thanks to Planting Hope Company (Hope and Sesame) and @abillion, I got to try #sesame

#mylk for the first time! I won it in Week 4 of #veganisnotscary, along with a massive amount of RightRice! I always enjoy trying #plantmilk made with novel ingredients — the variety of nuts, seeds, and legumes that may be used is truly amazing.

This sesame milk had some qualities I enjoyed, as well as a few attributes which I didn’t love. I liked the taste: while it’s distinctively nutty, it’s fairly neutral and pleasant, and the flavor doesn’t seem to clash with coffee. It is, however, rather on the sweet side for me; I was reminded a bit of halva. If you appreciate a hint of sweetness, this may be a good option for you. It has a some vitamin D2 and a good amount of #calcium, too.

The texture could use some work. I noticed that the sesame is “#upcycled,” so I wasn’t expecting perfect smoothness, but it had a very chalky/gritty consistency. I didn’t try frothing or steaming, so I can’t comment on those capabilities. I don’t think this would be an everyday staple for me, but it’s certainly something I’d be open to purchasing again.

I am super grateful to have had the opportunity to try this intriguing #ditchdairy option. They sent a sweet note in the shipment, too!

Calling all #sweettoothlovers!! Another one of my winnings from the #veganisnotscary @abillion week 8 giveaway!

I decided to take @kyuup on me frothing this with my morning cup of Conquer You Cacao (use code BERRY15 for 15% off) chai blend! It frothed perfectly and I completely agree with her on the sweetness! It is too sweet for me on its own but when combined with unsweetened chai ☕️ tea and cacao blend it tasted amazing! Flavor was spot on with a little seedy nutty flavor which I truly enjoyed!! I used to make some cacao oats too since it was perfect for this rainy🌧️overcast 🌫️ day we’re having in NW Illinois! I usually try to shy away from added ingredients such as gellan gum, sugar and oils, but am so thankful for the opportunity to have been able to try this product out! The packaging eye catching, so colorful with loads of fun facts about the company and product! Good source of calcium, vitamin D and protein! Would love to try more vegan brands from this company! #veganinillinois

I was lucky enough to win this product from the #veganisnotscary contest one of these

weeks! The sesame milk by itself is quite a nutty/earthy, almost savory flavor, so I don't find it as easy to use as oat milk is in as many things, but it's good for smoothies and milkshakes!

I was grateful to receive this #sesamemilk barista blend from the vegan is not scary

contest. I typically use plant milks mainly in my smoothies and this worked perfectly. It was not too thick and made a nice blend. The taste is not bad either:) I appreciate that sesame seeds don’t require a lot of water to grow and are pollinator friendly. I love that there are so many #plantmilks to try and I like have different ones to use!

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