Plant-based Bacon

by Hooray Foods
3.69 (44)
  • Is Plant-based Bacon vegan? Yes! Plant-based Bacon is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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Most helpful reviews

I do like this plant-based bacon from hooray foods. Has a nice bacon flavor and

smells like bacon. It does crisp Up nicely in a pan, made a terrific BLT. 

I’ve tried many vegan bacons. Tempeh bacon, coconut bacon, banana peel bacon, Lightlife bacon, etc.

and Hooray bacon is by far my favorite. It is very close to the taste and texture of real bacon! And it crisps really nicely when sautéed in a skillet, baked, or air fried. I will be buying again!

Made a breakfast with plant-based bacon from Horray! foods and Hodo vegan egg scramble. Tossed

with spices and green onion. The texture of Horray foods bacon is a little chewy with savory texture, I imagine baking it in the oven would give it a crispier texture so I shall try that next. Overall I love that this bacon is also gluten-free! Have you tried this??! #veganbacon

One of the better plant based bacons IMO. It fries up really well and crisps

up quite nice. It definitely has the sodium you would expect for bacon 😜#veganisnotscary #veganbacon

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