Baked Beans No Added Sugar

by Heinz
4.57 (21)
  • Is Baked Beans No Added Sugar vegan? Yes! Baked Beans No Added Sugar is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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About the brand

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Most helpful reviews

A veces olvidamos lo humilde en pro de las modas. Las baked beans, una de

las cosas más inglesas que hay, son una opción vegana de siempre, barata y rica.

So happy Heinz have brought out a new no added sugar version! It definitely doesn’t

need it. These taste exactly the same, if not nicer #veganisnotscary

No added sugar version of a classic! I only noticed a slight difference in taste

so pretty impressed! 💚🌱

Healthier version of baked beans. It says no artificial sweeteners, but there is a "natural"

sweetener in the ingredients. Tastes good on its own (but I usually Indianise it by adding spices) and easy to prepare. Half a can is 136 cal. £3.5 for 4 can pack is a pretty good deal. Will buy again.

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