Lancastrian Vegan Leather Satchel Laptop Messenger Bag

by Heathbold
5.00 (1)

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@dafnelately always tells me that my pictures need more imagination, so given that this gorgeous

#veganleather #satchel was a generous gift from her, here I am with this #reviewwithaview 🤪 Wait, there's more. I took that photo myself, out the window of a B737 on final approach to Penang in Feb 2020, when we knew already that something bad was in the air. It seems an apt background for what effectively is a leaving gift as she trades islands 🥲

It's big enough to function as a #laptopbag for my 13.5-inch Surface, but still cool enough for most social settings 🙂 It's roomy inside, feels very sturdy, and even smells like animal leather ffs 😯 There are these little scuff marks (e.g. 3rd picture) and the packaging is rather #deathbyplastic (4th picture), but in a post-perfect world I guess we need to learn to see the #feature in every bug 😏

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