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Plant-Based Nuggets

by Harvest Gourmet


4.47 (8)

  • Is Plant-Based Nuggets vegan? Yes! Plant-Based Nuggets is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 47%

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18 April 2022
I really love the crispy nuggets like I can’t get enough off it. Wiped off

5 from the plate once it was fried

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RM15.50 (normal price RM18) from Aeon Big.

Been meaning to try these for a while. But

they cost more than the rest of the range, and were exempt from the 2 for RM20 specials that the rest of the range got (I wait for those). This time, they were selling everything in the range at RM15.50, and I thought I finally give them a try.

Very good chew and bite. My previous experience with plant-based nuggets were the First Pride ones. Those had a soft, chinese gluten mock meat texture. These ones had actual bite and chew that were very chicken nugget-like. Maybe at the end it might feel slightly drier than chicken nuggets, but for me, these are way better than the other ones I had before.

I'd buy it again if they were cheaper, but at the normal price, it would only be a #forthedollar product for me.


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Probably one of the more uninspired #fakemeat #chickennuggets attempts out there 😩 Very pedestrian in

flavour and texture, perhaps a faithful mimicry of Nestlé's more rakyat-class products 😅

In the spirit of implausible pairings (see my previous reviews), I decided to have this with some mango chutney 😂 With predictably unconvincing results 😂😂

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I think this is the best tasting vegan nuggets. It doesn't have this weird aftertaste

where most plant based nuggets have. And I got it for $8.95 for 2 packets at fairprice hougang. But I saw it was from nestle, so..... pick your battles. under capitalism, its difficult to be ethical.

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