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Harina de garbanzo

by Hacendado
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  • Is Harina de garbanzo vegan? Yes! Harina de garbanzo is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Al hacerme vegano también tenía que probar la mítica harina de garbanzos, la compré en

#mercadona e intenté hacer una tortilla... Digo intenté, porque algo salió, pero no se le podría llamar tortilla. Estaba muy buena, eso sí!


-Chickpea flour💃
•Taste & uses : it’s a product with a soft and versatile flavor .

You can use it for plenty recipes ; but (for me ) the cooler one is “tortilla de papa 🥔 “ or Spanish omelette. Also you can use it for salty pancake, or sweet recipes ,for cook bread or also like a batter .
•Nutritional values : 342kcal for 100gr,is so rich in vegetable protein,fiber,vitamins and minerals .

📷 the second and third pictures are the famous Spanish omelette “tortilla de papa “ . And I can say that is so similar to the non vegan version. It is easy to cook and really deli.
Ingredients :
-chickpea flour ( 4/5 🥄 )
-1 glass of 🌱 milk ( I used oatly )
-5 medium potatoes 🥔
- 1/2 leek or onion (also without it , is a big debate in Spain haha with or without onion )
- 2 cloves of garlic 🧄
-salt and pepper and a touch of parsley ( depends of your taste )
- olive oil
‼️don’t be like me 😓, remember to add a punch of kala namak
*1 step : cut the potatoes in a half and after made a slice ( not very thick) add the salt and fry ( if you are going to use the airfryer then add it a spoon of olive oil and mix ); I cook it in my airfryer for 20/25 min at 160 (degrees Celsius ) , they must be soft but not crunchy .
Take a pan , and add a touch of olive oil and the garlic cloves ( in a low 🔥) and finely cut the leek/onion,and the punch of kala namak . Throw in the pan and cook it slowly , when is almost transparent it is ready . When it’s almost cook it add the salt and the black pepper .
*2 step: take the flour and the milk and mix really well , add the spices and the garlic cloves squeezed. Mix with the potatoes and with the leek /onion and take to a pan ( that you can cover with a plate ) . Spread olive oil all over the pan and throw the mix in it, press the mix in the pan ( for have a better result ) . Leave it in a middle 🔥 for 10 min , and cover . When is almost cook it ( on of the faces) you can see in the border, then you take the plate and turn it around ( tip: brush a little bit oil in the plate so that it slides better ) and throw with care to the pan again. Now leave it in a low 🔥 for 10 minutes , and finally let it rest covered for 10 minutes more.
And enjoy it 💚😜
Special for you @lol1409 💃

#tortilladepatata #spanishtortilla #veganizetheworld

Harina de garbanzos y con ella hoy he hecho una tortilla de patatas y cebolla

que nos ha encantado 😃😋
El único pero viene en envase de plástico pero bueno es reciclable


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