G.T.‘s Watermelon Wonder

  • Is G.T.‘s Watermelon Wonder vegan? Yes! G.T.‘s Watermelon Wonder is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

About the brand

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Most helpful reviews

GT’s is my #1 kombucha brand. Yet somehow, this is my first time trying their

watermelon flavor. It contains

- black tea ☕️
- green tea 🍵
- kiwi juice 🥝
- fresh pressed watermelon juice 🍉
- cherry juice 🍒
- fresh pressed lime juice
- and, per the ingredients list, “100% pure love!!!”

I think it’s super cute that the bottles have a section for “Words of Enlightenment,” a little quote that makes you feel better after reading it (which is part of the draw of Yogi tea for me as well, or a fortune cookie).

Loved this refreshing flavor. Getting your probiotics in never tasted so good. #abillionlove

My second favorite flavor after guava goddess. This kombucha brand is still my favorite. Love

that it comes in larger bottles.

Not as good as the trilogy or gingerade but definitely will do in a pinch,

not a good amount of watermelon flavor or I’d like it more #boochygang

This flavor is seriously delicious. It’s flavored with watermelon and cherry juice.

My favorite for kombucha. Love the watermelon because of the taste

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