Festive Slice

by Greggs
3.77 (23)
  • Is Festive Slice vegan? Yes! Festive Slice is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 76%

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Most helpful reviews

Wow! Greggs you have smashed it on this. Tastes amazing so festive I love it

10/10 recommend

Warm flavours, moist filling with creamy gravy and crispy pastry to wrap.
Great 👍

This is my least favourite thing greggs has brought out☹️

I bought a couple of

these throughout December - after the first one I wasn’t sure if I was a fan or not, by the second one I had decided that I didn’t like it. I think the sauce was too overpowering with the sage/onion, and didn’t really like how thicc/pastey the sauce was either😣 I’ve read other people’s reviews about there being a vegan bacon crumb in these, but I swear the ones I had did not have any and if they did, I definitely didn’t taste them!

#ditchdairy #veganchristmas #veganuary #veganin2022 #veganuary2022

My boyfriend got this a few weeks ago and his review of it was: Classic

Greggs flaky pastry with a festively flavoured filling. Not a lot of texture to distinguish between the fake turkey and the rest of the filling but the sage and onion flavour comes across nice. However, the filling is quite gloopy/sticky with not many fake turkey pieces, and it’s a little over salted.

I tried it myself more recently, and my review of it is: gross!! The one they gave me was stone cold, and the texture of the filling was awful, it was so sticky. The flavour was also not good it was basically just sage. It did only cost £1.60 but I will not be getting it again!
#veganisnotscary 75/90 #veganchristmas

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