Goodmylk Curd

by GoodMylk
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I was never a fan of curd during my non Vegan days. When I turned

vegan in Jan 26, 2020 I was desperately looking out for alternatives since it was a overnight decision - My friend helped me a lot to find the best alternative. When I got introduced to Goodmylk, initially I was so reluctant to try but eventually over a period I got adjusted to the taste. And now my every lunch ends with a cup of creamy, yummy and finger licking GoodMylk curd 😍 #veganin2020

Believe it or not, curd can be made from peanuts! Goodmylk curd costs you just

₹120 per litre. This product has very minimal peanut flavour, and once you temper it with mustard, coriander, green chilies, Himalayan salt, etc., it tastes so good! If you want to make South Indian curd rice or raita for briyani, this is a must-try!🥜🌱

#veganin2020 This peanut curd is delicious and creamy and goes well with almost everything from

curd rice, chaats to kadhi.. it is decently priced.. please keep an open mind while trying this curd and I would suggest to not compare it with dairy curd.. they currently deliver the curd only in Chennai and Bangalore..

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