Dairy-Free American Slices

  • Is Dairy-Free American Slices vegan? Yes! Dairy-Free American Slices is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 80%

Introducing our Dairy-Free American Slices, a plant-based alternative that offers a creamy and delicious flavor to your favorite dishes. Made with high-quality ingredients, these slices are designed to melt perfectly and add a cheesy taste to your meals. Whether you're making a tofurkey sandwich or a grilled cheez paired with soup, our slices will elevate your meal to the next level. With a smooth texture and a taste that's very similar to traditional American cheese, you won't even miss the dairy. Try our Dairy-Free American Slices and experience the amazing flavors that plant-based cheese has to offer.



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Most helpful reviews

This is the best vegan American cheese I have found thus far. It melts quite

well and is perfect for grilled vegan cheese sandwiches. The flavor is really good! As you can tell from my photo, we ate it all.

Got this plant based cheese from my local grocery store, Giant. Improves a tofurkey

sandwich a lot!

This was really good in vegan meatball subs it’s from aldi

Tasty and melts well. Glad it says it's vegan on the packaging.

this cheese melts perfectly and tastes incredible.
ALSO- don’t judge this weird grilled cheese tortilla...i

came home from soccer (football) practice and there was no food LOL i eat much healthier than this during the day😁
#abillionlove #ditchdairy #veganfoodshare

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