Vegetarian Biryani

by good dot
3.83 (7)
  • Is Vegetarian Biryani vegan? Yes! Vegetarian Biryani is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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Most helpful reviews

So easy to cook, one-pot-meal. All you have to do is add water and cook.

Contains delicious pieces of mock meat bits. Flavourful. #VeganIsNotScary


#veganbiryani #mockmeat

Ready to eat biryani product with tiny chunks of soya that feel like

mock meat. It is very easy to prepare with just the needing to steam cook it in a cooker for a few minutes.

The taste is decent but you still have the feeling of a ready to eat product, doesn’t give you a very fresh experience. I would recommend that you add your own garnish to eat to give it more flavour, or it might just end up being a spicy experience.

The serving size is only 1 as opposed to what is mentioned on the packaging so order accordingly.

New packaging but felt like it tasted the same as before. It has good flavours

but i felt the textured vegetable protein could have been a bit less chewy. Also i added extra water n kept it for more time than they mentioned. Because the last time i followed their instructions the rice had a bit of bite to it n I like it soft😊

Read to make vegetarian Biryani, that comes pre packed and premixed with spices, soya chunks

and rice.

All you need to do is follow the instructions to cook it in a few cups of water and it’s ready!

Good taste biryani, the soya chunks give you that meaty texture in your biryani and you do get a bit of the biryani flavour. Though not very close to the real deal, but good enough.

The serving size is definitely way off, it says it serves 3 people but was almost sufficient for me alone. Maybe I have a higher appetite, but still. 😅

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