Vacuum Fried Bendi (Okra)

by Gokul
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These golden boys are one of my treasured snacks.

They are simply incredible! The concept

is similar to the Kale chips or Beetroot chips that are so commonly available. But I think Okra infuses with the spice so brilliantly. Mind you, I love me some Kale Chips. But Okra is the Heathcliff to my Catherine.

They are very light, heavily spiced (you actually have to lick your fingers to clean the spice deposit 👅👈, and that is also very tasty), with (hopefully) the goodness of Okra.

They helped me when I wanted to key someone's car or accidentally toss something heavy out the window as a consequence of fever due to the Ketogenic Diet. They immediately brought back a sense of calm and joy.

So it's light enough for you to use as munchies on Keto 😉
Kidding about the violence. Haha maybe.
Definitely kidding about you using them on Keto. Don't go on Keto.

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