Squeeze Bacon & tomato flavour

by go' vegan
4.25 (4)

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Patè spalmabile con un gusto affumicato. L’ho usato in panini e come aperitivo ed è

diventato una droga assoluta! Per arricchirlo dal punto di vista nutrizionale aggiungo le lenticchie e ne faccio una sorta di crema. Peccato davvero non averlo in Italia

delicious 😍 i loved putting it on on my crackers and 100% recommend

I had never tasted cream cheese before. Really weird! It's something I need to get

used to texture wise 🤣 the taste was good tho. I feel like it would be better topped with some herbs tho. Any suggestions to what I should use?

The first thing I taste is the smokey #bacon. It’s pretty good! More of a

‘bacon flavoured’ taste compared to actual bacon but I do like that. The #tomato is there too and it’s the type of flavour that builds up, I didn’t notice it much at first bite. It has a cheesy taste as well, which works well for this product unlike their plain version.

It’s creamy and the consistency is thicker than I expected. Definitely not like the classic tube #cheese that’s common here. Pretty classic cream cheese texture. I definitely recommend warming it in your hands a little. Staright from the fridge it’s pretty annoying to squeeze out. But it’s great for hiking and stuff as advertised!

It is #palmoilfree, #soyfree, #glutenfree and #nutfree. Clearly vegan like all their products. Not recyclable.

💵~32 NOK at Kiwi. Similarly priced to the non-vegan versions so yay for that!🥳

#creamcheese #spread #sandwich #ditchdairy #vegancheese #govegan #veganbacon #spreadablecheese

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