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  • Vegan Quorn Pasty
  • Vegan Quorn Pasty

Vegan Quorn Pasty

by Ginsters


4.06 (75)

  • Is Vegan Quorn Pasty vegan? Yes! Vegan Quorn Pasty is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 57%

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9 December 2019
#vegan #plantbased #pasty #quorn #tesco #ginsters

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Loved this so much more than I was expecting! Heating in the oven made it

crispy and delicious. The flavours were rich and really similar to a cornish pasty as I remember it! On offer in tesco at the minute, as I do appreciate it can be a bit expensive but as a grab and go snack, i would definitely buy again #veganisnotscary

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The pastry is light and fluffy, the filling tastes like a ‘proper’ meaty Cornish pasty.

Excellent, would definitely get again l! Heat it up in the oven or eat it cold if you are on the go. #veganin2020

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A little underwhelming. I’m not entirely sure what a Cornish pasty should taste like but

this was okay. Not a patch on the Greggs x Quorn one. But to be fair I did have it cold on a miserable work day so maybe it’s much better heated!

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