Chickpea Chips Humus

by Gårdschips
4.10 (2)
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i don't like hummus v much but i like these!!! good crunch too

Slightly spicy crisps with an airy texture.
Crispy and light.

These #glutenfree chickpea chips were, to be honest, not my favourite. But… that’s mostly because

I’m not a big fan of onion-flavoured chips, and they tasted a little onion-y to me.

They were also quite salty, so I was only able to eat a small bowl of them before I’d had enough of the saltiness… but that’s probably for the best, as I’m the type of person who will usually gobble up a whole packet of chips without even noticing I’m doing it 🫠

I enjoyed dipping them into hummus as they’re the perfect shape/form for dipping. I wouldn’t rule out buying these again in future.

#chips #chickpeas #hummus #snack

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