Hamburger buns

by Gardenia
4.75 (4)
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Most helpful reviews

Hooray!!! A vegan hamburger bun 🍔 that's easily available at supermarkets, unlike other buns that

have milk or egg. They are perfect for making burgers, I used Gardein brown rice patties. Typically I would have the burgers with some sides as well like hash browns and/or veggies so as to make them more filling. I cut the burger buns into half with a butter knife and have little bits sticking out rather than clean, not sure if using a sharper knife would make the cut cleaner. 🍔

Vegan and v fluffy! I like sunshine more though hohohoo but this is more dense

while sunshine is more fluffy

Thanks to my dad who was raised in mandarin speaking schools...despite the odds, he reads

labels to make sure there’s no milk for me

Happy that they are vegan friendly. Convenient and affordable and pretty yummy and fluffy.. 🌱🌸

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