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  • B-12 spray

B-12 spray

by Garden of Life


4.80 (5)

  • Is B-12 spray vegan? Yes! B-12 spray is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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6 June 2020
All vegans should be taking B12 apparently, so I've joined in! This spray is raspberry

flavour, and very tasty! Google said liquids are easier to digest than the pill form, so that's what I got! The bottle is glass, but lid is plastic sadly. I have one spray every morning before brekkie, and I'm sure that I'm much healthier now 😅

#vitamins #b12

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I'm super bad at taking b12. I haven't in years, but I started using this

vegan b12 spray every morning and it's really not bad and has a fruit taste to it. I'll buy again.

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29 July 2020
Lo compre en linea pero el precio no estaba tan accesible. Lo utilizo para suplementar

a mi hijo.

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