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  • Vegane Filet Stückchen, Hähnchen Art
  • Vegane Filet Stückchen, Hähnchen Art

Vegane Filet Stückchen, Hähnchen Art

by Garden Gourmet


4.26 (10)

  • Is Vegane Filet Stückchen, Hähnchen Art vegan? Yes! Vegane Filet Stückchen, Hähnchen Art is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 83%

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28 December 2020
I was surprised about the texture and especially about the flavour. I would buy this

product again and recommend this too.
10/10 from me. #vegan #gardengourmet #filet

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i’m not looking for authentic meat taste and I’m not a big burger fan either

but I love these pieces! definitely one of my favorite products when it comes to meat substitutes. they have a nice consistency, the smell may not be for everyone and a relatively short list of ingredients. i don’t but these often though (nestle you know) ☺️ #veganin2020

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I bought them just because they were reduced and I needed some protein for my

Thai curry. I marinated them shortly in soy sauce before using them and was quite surprised that they kept a good, firm texture and a nice, chicken-like flavour.

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trying to get most of my protein through plants BUT been trying to have more

protein without the carbs so this is a great way to do so IMO :) looks very much like chicken (not a fan of that tbh) but tastes really good with the right spices.

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