Galaxy Caramel and Sea Salt

by Galaxy
3.73 (81)
  • Is Galaxy Caramel and Sea Salt vegan? Yes! Galaxy Caramel and Sea Salt is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 57%

About the brand

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Most helpful reviews

Also good, just like the other flavours. On sale for £1.. So win win! 😜

Oh my word!! 😍😍😍
This chocolate is a complete game-changer! It’s so creamy, delicious and

so, so more-ish! The only downside to this is that it’s quite expensive in comparison to regular Galaxy which is a shame because otherwise I’d be eating this for breakfast, lunch and dinner! 😍

Okay but this is yum

Kinda disappointed that it’s not a goey salted caramel vibe BUT

it is very nice

I like the crunchy caramel and salt, it’s well balanced and good quality choc

Definitely recommend giving it a go

It’s a bit expensive but I think I’ve seen them in Aldi!!

I picked this up in asda - which if you didn’t know has a great selection

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I don’t usually like caramel but it wasn’t very caramel-y to me. The sea salt

definitely made this stand out a lot from other chocolate bars that all kind of end up looking and tasting very similar.
I like the blue of the packaging, very vibrant and eye catching. It’s also paper, so good for recycling and disposal.
This was a gift so idk how much it was. I don’t usually buy milk chocolate bars so I’d go for a dark chocolate bar before I’d get this again🤔

#chocolate #veganchocolate #glutenfree

This chocolate was okay, I probably wouldn’t buy this flavour again as I prefer the

“mint” and “cookie crumble” flavours of the vegan galaxy range! If this flavour would hit the spot with your sweet tooth though, i’d say go for it! 🍫 🌱 #abillionlove #ditchdairy

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