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Vegan Protein Bar Chocolate Speculoos

by Free Soul
3.80 (4)
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Most helpful reviews

I was worried about the combo of chocolate and speculoos but these are delicious! The

texture is fab and the nutrition is some of the best I’ve seen sold in the UK. I will be buying more. #proteinbar #protein

😋😋😋😋😋 this is super tasty! This is the only flavour I will get from now

on. Tastes nice and sweet even though its low sugar. #proteinbar #veganproteinbar

Bought it to try, and because the macros are great. 15g of protein for 156

cal, which is better than Misfits for instance. But they didn’t taste as nice for sure. They’re okay, I’m going to finish but wouldn’t buy it again. Would prefer 180cal and nicer taste from Misfits 😏

Taste is lovely however the texture is very dense and you can very much tell

that it's a protein bar which isn't great imo.
But I do love it and would definitely recommend.

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