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Coconut milk

by Food Lover’s Market


4.49 (9)

  • Is Coconut milk vegan? Yes! Coconut milk is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 61%

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19 February 2023
Reasonably priced - soooo creamy. Definitely will stay a staple in my cupboard - the

uses are endless and this time it helped tone an overly chilli 🌶️ hot dish down.
#creamy #coconutmilk #yummy

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I love adding this coconut milk to chickpea and veg curries.

Shack before opening to

avoid separation. Lovely cost effective coconut milk prefect for cooking and baking with.

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This product is listed under food lovers market plant based range but does not actually

say vegan on the can.. not sure why. But I used this in my tea and my dairy-free Ice cream.. and I can say I have no regrets 😅it is so delicious and yummy and I love the coconut flavor and taste. It’s not very sweet and just the right amount of coconuttiness.

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