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Snack Bites Classic

by Food For Future


4.23 (7)

  • Is Snack Bites Classic vegan? Yes! Snack Bites Classic is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 47%

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19 January 2021
Vegan chicken bites 🐓 One of the best vegan chicken I’ve had so far! Especially

the structure is spot on. Tastes great with a sweet chili 🌶 sauce or any other spicy sauce. It’s high in protein (~19g per 100g) but also high in fat (~26g per 100g). Nevertheless very good and affordable. The package costs 1.99€ and included around 24 bites #veganuary

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These snack bites taste scarily realistic. I have tried so many vegan chicken-like replacements already

but this one was mindblowing. The structure and taste are just SO real. I found out they are made from Wiesenhof, which is a (quite horrible) poultry farm in Germany and for a tiny, paranoid moment I seriously contemplated whether they just put real chicken in here to get rid of it... Not possible of course, but that's how realistic they taste 😯😯 1,99€ #veganuary

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Also: Geschmack und Konsistenz =100 % Hähnchennuggets. Das schmeckt wirklich sooo exakt nach Hähnchen, dass

ich skeptisch nach irgendwelchen Fleischbestandteilen auf der Zutatenliste gesucht habe. Fleischesser werden hier keinen Unterschied mehr feststellen können.

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