Pink tropic

by Extrême
3.90 (6)
  • Is Pink tropic vegan? Yes! Pink tropic is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 54%

About the brand

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Most helpful reviews

Enfiiiiiin, j'ai trouvé ces cornets de sorbets grenade-fraise et ils sont super bons! Goûts bien

prononcés! #groingroin

J'adore ! Par ces fortes chaleurs ces sorbets sont un vrai régal. #groingroin 🐽🐽

I must admit I bought this ice cream only because there was a price reduction

😬😂 I’m not really keen on strawberry flavor and I didn’t really like it. Maybe it’s because the texture is a little bit like a sorbet.. not bad but not the best 🙂 #veganisnotscary

Very very bad ice-cream, bought only because it was the only vegan option amo g

all the cafes on the beach😂 It tastes like a strawberry-lemon medicine, and the only good part is chocolate which is very very little

🇬🇧 Aaaaah whoever craves ice-cream in this always hotter September can stop at Carrefour to

get this fresh and fruity cornetto. You must like your ice cream VERY sweet.
🇫🇷 un cornet sorbet qui a le mérite d’exister ! C’est frais donc c’est bon ! Mais attention si vous n’aimez pas ce qui est trop sucré !

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