organic dark chocolate total eclipse

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(edit: i learned that chocolate liquor doesn't actually mean alcohol LOL, it means pure cocoa

in solid/semi-solid form. no wonder i tasted no alcohol 😂😂😂) yay to fair trade chocolate! this is 92% dark chocolate, so only try this if you love very very very dark chocolate. i personally loooooove dark chocolate so i found this really nice! it says chocolate liquor on the back but i didn't taste any alcohol at all which is good imo bc i don't like alcohol 😂 thanks @peasfulpea for adding to my chocolate stash hahaha

I like the company overall but needs to fix its #deathbyplastic packaging. Consumers like me,

it's the deciding factor between buying this or say alter eco. Nearly same price and taste, but the other shows more care about eco impact. #organic

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