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  • Sriracha Plant Based Jerky
  • Sriracha Plant Based Jerky

Sriracha Plant Based Jerky

by Electric Jerky


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13 March 2021
I am blown away by the taste of this jerky. It starts off tasting full

and sweet and then as you swallow you realize your throat is burning and you can't wait to shove another piece in your mouth. And the texture is chewy but tender, with glittery pepper flakes sprinkled on top.

This sat on my pantry shelf for months, forgotten and unnoticed. Well I notice it now. If I only had a cold beer to drink with it...

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What can I say that I haven’t already said before about the other two flavours

and won’t be saying again about the next one? This is probably my least favourite flavour but that isn’t saying much because it is so good excellent texture excellent taste is is a very satisfying snack 

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Found at Winners! This was honestly the best vegan jerky i’ve tried so far. So

flavourful, and great texture. Definitely will be getting again

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