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  • ECOSNEXT Laundry  Detergent

ECOSNEXT Laundry Detergent

by Ecosnext


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2 October 2022
I made the switch to these liquid-less detergent sheets to cut down on plastic and

I’m not going back! They work just as well as liquid detergent in my opinion and are more sustainable because they are lighter to transport, don’t contain chemicals that pollute waterways, and don’t come in a thick plastic jug. I also find them much more convenient—you just throw a sheet in with your clothes, no measuring required. They do come in a plastic box, however, which makes me want to find a brand that is completely plastic-free. But this is what my grocery store carries for now, and I’m glad to see a more environmentally friendly option on the shelves. Highly recommend! #laundry #sustainableliving

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I think this is such an amazing idea! I often never know how much liquid

detergent to use and it’s always very messy!
I also hated buying liquid detergent as it came in the huge plastic container.
These do however come in a small plastic tray & I’m not super clear if it’s recycle-able or not! The price was $25 for 50 sheets/ 50 washes which is expensive considering their 1.48L bottle detergent is around $17 which is around 50 washes as well!

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Just used this over the weekend on my laundry and it worked perfectly. Love the

package 📦 small and not heavy like liquid detergents. It’s Hypoallergenic, vegan and cruelty free. It dissolves completely and it’s gentle. On pack is equivalent to a 50 Gal liquid and smells so fresh. Highly recommend

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Liquidless and plastic-free,well almost.

This plant-powered square to fight tough stains while protecting sensitive skin is

sustainable, convenient and wonderfully effective. compact and easy for traveling.majorly women run this is a Great product. 50 squares for around 23sgd.

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