Lentil Chips Sea Salt Flavour

by Eat Real
4.17 (101)
  • Is Lentil Chips Sea Salt Flavour vegan? Yes! Lentil Chips Sea Salt Flavour is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 55%

About the brand

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Most helpful reviews

For a product from a brand called “Eat Real” this was unexpectedly #greasy 😧 You’d

think it were healthier as #lentil #chips often tend to be (in my experience). No matter… by bestie gifted me this among other #vegan type choices 😂 Much appreciated, of course ❤️

The bag was really light, the chips even more so. I’m glad it was filled nearly to the brim!! These are a real airy kind of chip that is usually super cheap 🥸 It’s basically thin looking puffs. Also, this doesn’t have the most natural #seasalt flavour and tastes #processed though the ingredients list suggests otherwise 🤨 Despite it all though, I still have to admit these were deceptively #highlyaddictive 😛

Again, it was a gift so I didn’t buy it. However, I think I’ve seen these at the supermarket for about RM15? I remember it was super expensive 😶

While #sweetdreamsaremadeofgrease , the trail this one leaves on the back of the throat is a little much for me 🫤

Oh dear, I was unimpressed with these. Thought the flavour was lacking and rather dull.

I did like the texture. For the price, I won't be purchasing again unfortunately.
#lentil #chips #seasalt

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