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Organic Coconut Spread

by Earth Balance
4.40 (4)
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Most helpful reviews

Earth Balance is my go-to “butter” since it’s good quality and made from sustainable palm

oil. This coconut version is different and pairs well with a lot of foods. The coconut taste is there but it’s not crazily strong.

Con un pan tostado es riquísimo a medio día con un licuado 🥰

I love this product! I use it for making from scratch biscuits, pie crusts,

and tortillas where I previously used lard before going vegan in 2013. I don’t think it leaves a coconut flavor behind. I also don’t have a sensitive palate but I’ve never had anyone tell me my baked good taste like coconut. The drawback is that it is kind of pricey. Still, I prefer to use this product as opposed to something like Crisco.

Good for a coconut spread for baking etc . I am not a big fan

of it because coconut is so high in saturated fat, so I prefer the other spreads without so much.

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