Treat Box

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Most helpful reviews

Is it actually possible for treats to taste “CUTE”?!
This is the only word I can

think of to describe the Treat Box from DVG Bakehouse
Words have definitely failed me when it comes to painting a taste profile to explain to you all:
Not too sweet, but sweet enough with creamy frosting: not too soft (so it melts), not too hard (so that it breaks into bits that fall on the floor).
🍰 Chocolate chip vanilla cupcake, ganache filling & frosting
🍰 Vanilla cupcake, apple compote filling & cinnamon frosting
🍰 Raw coffee chocolate tart (GF)
🍰 Peanut butter bliss balls (GF)
🍰 Ice sugar cookies
But honestly: 10/10 - and CUTE!

Beautifully presented and very much worth the price. I'm not usually someone that enjoys fruit

in their dessert but the vanilla cupcake with apple compote was so delicious and the frosting was not too sweet.

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