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  • Lotus Biscoff Cookie Explosion
  • Lotus Biscoff Cookie Explosion

Lotus Biscoff Cookie Explosion

by Dunkin’ Donuts


4.00 (3)

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2 October 2021
OMG, donut with Lotus Biscoff caramel glaze and the same cookie crumbles. If you like

these biscuits, you will love this donut.

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Buonissima, potevano metterci anche una crema dentro, ma solo per estrema golosità. Comunque molto buona

e l’impasto vale molto.

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Probably my favourite one, and one I have tried from several companies. The one from

Dunkin is pretty good, it's rich and light at the same time and it's one of the few donuts were I could have a couple instead of only one. I love it!

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