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  • Is Donuts vegan? Yes! Donuts is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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19 January 2022
La alegría que me dio cuando anunciaron las donas veganas 🍩 sinceramente todas me parecen

deliciosas. Compré una común con cobertura de chocolate y otra rellena de salsa de arándanos. No es para nada saludable, el precio es regular… pero no las cambio por nada!

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Prese a Berlino, ero curiosa in quanto non le avevo mai assaggiate. Non sono male,

se vi piacciono i dolci.

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From top left to bottom :
Classic cinnamon
Strawberry filled
Chocolate pudding
Blueberry filled
Apple filled

(tastes like the McDonald’s Apple Pie)
Triple chocolate

If you’re having immediate cravings for donuts, these are the vegan flavours you can pick up from your local Dunkin’ Donuts in Malaysia.

But if you’re within the Klang Valley area and can wait to satiate your donut cravings, do check out vegan.oven on Instagram!

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I bought these vegan donuts, not cause I’m such a big donut fan, but to

show that more and more people want food to be vegan. The variety with the “speculoos” cream turns out to be delicious. However the nutritional value is worthless of course. Yet enjoyed it.

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