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Indulge in the sweet and creamy goodness of Dunkin' Donuts' Bavarian doughnut! This soft and fluffy treat is filled with a generous amount of delicious Bavarian cream, making it the perfect sweet treat for any occasion. With its affordable price and irresistible flavor, this doughnut is sure to satisfy your cravings for something sweet and indulgent. So, why wait? Head to your nearest Dunkin' Donuts outlet and try this scrumptious treat today!

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Most helpful reviews

It has been YEARS since I last had a Dunkin Donut. I am so happy

to know that they have NINE vegan flavours!!! It is awesomely delicious 😋

Soft fried dough filled with (a lot of) delicious Bavarian cream. Delicious!

I‘m glad there are more vegan pastry options, I was just a little underwhelmed by

this Bavarian Cream Donut. It was a little dry and just not that much filling. Wouldn’t take this one again.

#DunkinDonuts #donuts #vegandonuts

Bavarian: sugar dusted filled with vanilla custard.

I really wants to try one of the vegan

options of Dunkin Donuts, I haven’t tried one in 8 or 9 years. But I was really disappointed with this Bavarian donut, the flavor was so bland 😕


Got my donut 🍩 fix yesterday from the homies at Dunkin Donuts! My fave has

always and will always be a custard donut, and tbh this tastes better than most dairy donuts I’ve had before 😋 they have a range of 6 other donuts all of which are vegan!! Just have to restrain yourself not to get too big of a box 😂👌🏼 #vegantreats

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