Chrysanthemum Bread

by Duke Bakery
4.15 (4)
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Most helpful reviews

This bread has a surprisingly distinctive chrysanthemum & wolfberry fragrance and taste. It was

light but flavourful enough to eat on it own. Texture wise, it had a slight chewiness, not too soft. Tasted very natural and healthy. Plus point that it was also shaped like a flower :D

Took awhile for the chrysanthemum to kick in and it’s really light. Bread wasn’t too

soft, slightly chewy but probably wouldn’t repurchase.

Light whiffs of chrysanthemum flowers. Light flavour of chrysanthemum. Rather soft and fluffy. It is

a blessing to be able to get some vegan bread though at a rather premium price tag.

This bread popped off!! It smells sooooo fragrant and delicious even when it’s eaten at

room temp with no spreads whatsoever 🌼

Tastes even better heated up and maybe spread a tiny little bit of vegan butter on it and voila! In chinese medicine, this is so such a food for the soul I love it!

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