cavendish banana

by Dole
4.73 (6)
  • Is cavendish banana vegan? Yes! cavendish banana is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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Most helpful reviews

No es mi banana fav, me suele gustar más la banana brasil. Pero compre en

carrefour y me enviaron unas HORRENDAS super verdes y al mismo tiempo podridas #veganisnotscary

so um yeah i’m posting a picture of a banana peel...enjoy? food photography at its

for a long time i thought this app only let you post vegan junk food type things, BUT I’M GLAD I CAN POST BANANA PEELS TOO.
i mean i always buy these bananas, they’re dependable and taste nice. always in good condition? yeah i don’t know what else to say i’ve never reviewed a banana before. this might be the start of more fruit and veggie reviews...oh no.
okay if you’ve read this far, what’s your favorite fruit? don’t worry, i’ll go first huehue. probably bananas, perfect answer for this post. runner ups include oranges, pineapples, and maybe strawberries! :))

best price on Cavendish bananas seems to be Walmart. scrape the insides of the

peels with a spoon and add that fiber to smoothies. for any recipes which include the peels themselves, use organic bananas. #aloha

They taste amazing i eat at least 2 a day sometimes even more

This banana is a 10/10 straight up. Shout out to dole.

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