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11 March 2020
Delicious and not overly sweet. A nice snack with a cup of tea #huntsabs

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These are so good! I think they’re like reces cups which I’ve never had but

I can’t imagine they’d be any better. The dark chocolate outer is thick, smooth & creamy & goes perfectly with the slightly salty nut butter centre. I’m in love

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Great alternative for the reeses cups but not as sweet, although these are nice I

feel like the dark chocolate is not it. And they are rather small considering the price.

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I'm a bit wary of trying Doisy and Dam products because the chocolate is so

dark, but I think they've improved the recipe recently as these and a couple of other products that I've re-tried definitely taste better to me! These were a nice treat, good amount of filling, smooth and tasty. Also they popped up in Home Bargains for a few pence so couldn't resist! A bargain always tastes better 😂

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