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  • Blueberry cheesecake

Blueberry cheesecake

by Dodah's Kitchen


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26 October 2021
This tastes like blueberry muffins! 🫐 The cheesecake consistency is super creamy and I love

the blueberry jam on top. It’s sweet and satisfying. It’s better ordered fresh at their restaurant in Baltimore, but I love that you can find their dishes in some stores!!

💲4.99 at MOM’s Organic Market
📲 https://dodahskitchen.com

#cheesecake #blueberry #dessert #veganisnotscary

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This was really yummy! Though this was expected, Dodah never fails me. I liked that

this was decadent because I didn't overeat - I actually ate this over 3 sessions! I also didn't think it was too sweet. I would definitely get it again!

Disclaimer: don't worry, I bought and ate this before the expiration date! I just have a backlog of reviews and pictures to upload!


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17 September 2020
La mermelada de blueberries puede mejorar un poco, pero el cheesecake es rico, con un

ligero toque a limón que me gustó mucho. Casi todos sus ingredientes son orgánicos. #granjitatyh

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