Haferdrink Konzentrat

by dmBio
4.71 (9)
  • Is Haferdrink Konzentrat vegan? Yes! Haferdrink Konzentrat is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 80%

About the brand

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Most helpful reviews

Bella idea! Basta diluire 1 parte di concentrato in 2 parti d’acqua, ma si può

regolare a proprio piacimento. Preso da Dm, prezzo circa 1,60€

Now, that's an interesting product. I was very curious and had to buy it. It's

fairly thick concentrated oat milk that you can mix with some water to get regular oat mylk.. I liked the texture and taste, apart from it being super sweet (even though it is not sweetened).. I made some coffee with it ☕ I should have skipped adding the small teaspoon of sugar I usually add and it would have been perfect 😉 I think I might be buying this one again 😜 #veganin2022 #veganinbulgaria

I bought it a long time ago and have finally mixed it. The preparation is

totally simple. Just add a litre of water and mix. Then use it like normal oat drink. The main problem was finding such a big carafe. Tastes like regular oat drink, slightly sweet.

#oatmilk #organic

Good tasting and packaging reducing oat milk alternative. Can be "enlaged" to 1 ,5l. Is

cheaper than alternatives and tastes just as well.

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