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  • Fusili Kichererbsen
  • Fusili Kichererbsen

Fusili Kichererbsen

by dmBio


4.80 (5)

  • Is Fusili Kichererbsen vegan? Yes! Fusili Kichererbsen is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 32%

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7 October 2020
This kind of pasta is really good and healthy. Values nutrition are better than normal

pasta due to the proteins!


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29 August 2020
I like this pasta. I now replace normal pasta with chickpea or lentil pasta in

almost all my dishes. Unfortunately it's more expansive than wheat pasta, but it's healthier too, so that's okay. Im comparison to lentil or pea pasta, chickpea pasta is a bit closer to wheat pasta, so give it a try. You might have to get used to the consistency of this pasta, since it is a bit “drier“ than normal pasta. And of course it is perfect for people who are eating gluten-free.

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Rather hard consistency (but i like it). Taste a bit dry, but it’s so delicious

in combination with Hummus and vegetables!! Also high in protein.

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