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  • Organic English Muffins
  • Organic English Muffins

Organic English Muffins

by Dave's Killer Bread


4.89 (9)

  • Is Organic English Muffins vegan? Yes! Organic English Muffins is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 67%

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Most helpful reviews

18 October 2020
These are well... killer ... they are so good .. I used them for breakfast

sandwiches... just the right amount of nooks and crannies for melted vegan butter ...

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5 October 2021
Delicious #organic english muffins. Great flavor and texture. Good when eaten with just a plant

based “butter.” Also tasty topped with jam or #JUSTEgg. #veganisnotscary #englishmuffin

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The Killer Classic Muffins are so good .. I like a vegan egg, bacon, and

cheese breakfast muffin .. or maybe just peanut butter and jelly ... not just for breakfast...

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All Dave’s breads are great and these English muffins are no exception. Toast up crisp

to eat with plant butter or add just egg and vegan sausage for a nice breakfast sammy.

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