Barista Uji Matcha Tea

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About the brand

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Only available as part of the Kyoto Mornings Set rn:; should be valued at around

$19.90/30g. Super smooth flavour!! It’s amazing how well the flavours blended together with the oatmilk (I used No Ordinary Oat Milk) :O Not astringent as all :)

#sgtea #japanese #matcha

Been on a matcha kick lately so bought this as a new year's present for

@hownowbrownkow and myself. It has a really smooth texture and it foams up well (even with just regular oat/soy milk which I don't usually find that foamy) when I whisk it (yes, I also got a matcha whisk lol, don't ask me why, I blame marketing and capitalism). Expensive so definitely not a regular buy but yummy 😋😋 #veganuary

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