Apple Pie

by Costco
4.90 (6)
  • Is Apple Pie vegan? Yes! Apple Pie is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 35%

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Most helpful reviews

Spectacular! Love it!! This apple pie doesn't ask a thing to a non vegan pie!

Wish they stop making a regular pie very soon. The Texas size is perfect for a family of 10 #abillionlove #tierradeanimales

this was way better than i expected it to be! everyone loved it for thanksgiving!

i had to stop myself from eating the entire thing 😂 #dogsofabv

These apple pies are huge!!! This picture does not do it justice! They're also vegan,

which is awesome. These are perfect easy, grab and go to bring to your holiday celebrations. They're also delicious and a really good price! #vegancostco #veganin2020

okay ignore the fact that the picture looks lowkey unappetizing because i promise this pie

is the exact opposite.
i’ve been craving apple pie for about one or two years now and haven’t been able to find a vegan apple pie near me (ssh i didn’t feel like making my own, i was craving it THAT bad), but when i found out that costco’s apple pie was accidentally vegan, i was (to say the least) ecstatic. i can’t believe i didn’t find out about this sooner and i really wish i did. i am passionate about this pie, it is the love of my life. please try this pie i promise you won’t regret it...unless you’re weird and don’t like apple pie.
oh yeah and in the photo it’s paired with so delicious vanilla ice cream which i will review soon! :))

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