Blueberry banana almond oats + nuts + probiotics

by CORE Bar
4.26 (7)
  • Is Blueberry banana almond oats + nuts + probiotics vegan? Yes! Blueberry banana almond oats + nuts + probiotics is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 60%

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Most helpful reviews

So far, this particular bar is my favorite tasting one, even though for some reason

I didn't think it would top their peanut butter flavored bars! This bar is packed with nutrition and it has NO ADDED SUGARS! I love that it's organic and B corporation certified! The key to finding these bars is they are in the refrigerated section. This doesn't mean you have to keep them refrigerated all the time because the package says they are good on the go for about a week.
I will definitely consider buying this and other Core bars in the future!

This was good and gave me more than enough energy for the task of going

to do laundry and shower on that day. I got at target for $2.59 and recommended. I liked that its taste was balanced with all the stuff pretty evenly even though I’m a bigger fan of blueberries. 🫐 🍌

Delicious #organic #noaddedsugar but not a fan. Bought these core bars half for the review,

half no other better plant based snacks to get. My criticisms are outlined in the previous reviews of this guy's brethren. Wont get again. Needs better packaging in addition to more honest marketing. And a lower price.

I really liked this flavor. This is a very filing bar, more than a snack.

It should be kept cold. #veganisnotscary 74 of 90

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