Vegan Garlic Aioli (Smooth & Creamy)

by Coles
4.40 (7)
  • Is Vegan Garlic Aioli (Smooth & Creamy) vegan? Yes! Vegan Garlic Aioli (Smooth & Creamy) is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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Most helpful reviews

This sauce reminds me of the garlic sauces the give you in some restaurants back

in Colombia. I do like it, could be for bringing up those home memories or because is really good. I don't know but I'm quite putting a shot of this sauce on every bite #veganisnotscary

Best find of 2020, love this sauce and so happy to see coles taking initiative

in providing vegan products

I absolutely love this!!!! Delicious, excellent texture and consistency and it masks perfectly that

horrible nutty/bitter flavor that many vegan mayonnaise and sauces have. Super cheap: great value for money. Only 4 stars overall because it doesn't have any nutritional value (which is to be expected.. It's a sauce after all)

Honestly just tastes like aioli to me. Wouldn't even know it was vegan. Silco would

approve without a doubt.

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