Coles Nature’s Kitchen Dark Choc Chip Peanut Butter Cookie Dough

by Coles
4.00 (2)
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Most helpful reviews

I was initially very eager to try this product, but it was too far too

sweet! The chocolate chips gave the batter a good, crunchy texture, but the powderiness of the batter itself really threw me off. The cookie dough tastes artificial, which really isn’t what you want with a product that claims to have no artificial colours or flavours.
I tried baking the dough, as I hoped the flavours would work better together once cooked. Unfortunately, however, they still tasted too sickeningly sweet, only now in a different form.
The way they cooked I feel Coles has a good grasp on — they just need to work on the taste. The product really tastes like something you shouldn’t ever eat.
Coles has far exceeded my expectations in a fair few of their vegan products, however it’s unfortunate that this one is a bit of a letdown. Here’s hoping they modify and re-release it, as I feel this could be a huge hit!

To add: Product was $8.00 for 480g as of November 2020.

First of all. Never have I ever had cookie dough before and now Coles is

dishing out a vegan one?!? Clutches pearls.

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