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  • Candy kittens blueberry bliss
  • Candy kittens blueberry bliss

Candy kittens blueberry bliss

by Candy kittens


4.10 (33)

  • Is Candy kittens blueberry bliss vegan? Yes! Candy kittens blueberry bliss is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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8 March 2021
Found this candy at the "fancier" grocery store near me and was pleasantly surprised by

the great flavor and satisfying chew. The blueberry flavor tastes very natural and the chew is slightly less gummy than a Swedish Fish. This candy is an import from the UK and so the store slaps an "American" Nutrition Facts label on the back.

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I found another flavor! These are really good too. Soft, chewy but not sticky with

just the right amount of sour. #littlebuckets

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Chuches hechas con zumo de arándanos y son #palmoilfree.
Son de Asda y suelen costar

£2 aunque a veces están rebajadas a £1,50. Están en otras tiendas como Tesco o Morrison’s.

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