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  • Oat Creamer Hazelnut
  • Oat Creamer Hazelnut

Oat Creamer Hazelnut

by Califia Farms


4.72 (5)

  • Is Oat Creamer Hazelnut vegan? Yes! Oat Creamer Hazelnut is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 89%

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3 February 2021
Not a fan of many of this brand’s creamer options but this one is super

tasty. It actually tastes like Hazelnut. I know that may seem like a weird thing to comment on, but I’ve tried a few Hazelnut creamers and they just don’t. Creamy and light this makes my morning coffee so much more enjoyable #ditchdairy

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This is a decent creamer, though not my favorite. The flavor isn't too intense which

is good if you just want a little creaminess without an overpowering flavor. Surprisingly, it doesn't taste very strongly of #hazelnut to me. Only 2g of added sugar! That makes sense because this is hardly sweet.
#nongmo #soyfree #glutenfree #bpafree #kosher
For better #recycling, you have to remove the outer layer of plastic.

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I don't ever use creamer so it's hard to compare this to other products. It

tastes nice but the hazelnut flavor isn't super pronounced. And it only has 1g added sugar.

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