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Bournville Fingers

by Cadbury


4.35 (30)

  • Is Bournville Fingers vegan? Yes! Bournville Fingers is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 57%

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1 December 2020
Went to Asda and when was about to leave, I thought

“let me check...” and there they were!! I bought 2 packs, £1 each, and as of now they’re both gone 😂
I know, the brand is not ethical and the snack itself not the healthiest but, god, it’s been over 6 years I haven’t had things like these, I was excited! 🤩

They were really tasty, such a nice and cheap treat, only a little difficult to find! Recommended!

#day1 #veganin2020 #chocolate #snacks

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Wow!!! I'm obsessed!! I used to love the milk chocolate fingers and these are pretty

much identical tasting I'm so happy 😭 on special offer for £1 too! Not an overpowering dark choc taste and a nice soft crunch. Moorish!! #chocoholic #bournville

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The problem with these is they're just too darn moreish!!! 😂
Delicious smooth dark chocolate encasing

a melt in the mouth finger biscuit - like the original version but without the dairy they're so much better! 😋🍫😍

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Great alternative with it being dark chocolate and no milk in the ingredients🌱
Available in

most supermarkets too so not too hard to find, yummy!🌱

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