Sea Salt And Crushed Peppercorns

by Burts
3.80 (6)
  • Is Sea Salt And Crushed Peppercorns vegan? Yes! Sea Salt And Crushed Peppercorns is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 30%

About the brand

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Most helpful reviews

Yummy chips, thick and crunchy. I really like the peppery flavour of these, good for

something a bit different from the usual sea salt chips. Still a relatively neutral flavour though, so perfect for dipping 😛


The British really know how to make potato chips! Love this flavor so much and

didn’t know it’s vegan until I saw the back! Lovely 😊

A bit salty for me but really liked the crushed peppercorns! Very distinctive kick of

spice. Chips were thick and crunchy as with other Burts chips #veganisnotscary

@noll-fyra brought this awesome packet of hand cooked chips (the name of the person who

made this packet is on the back of the packet) to the office and I was tempted to finish the entire thing in one sitting.

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