Sensitive Moisturiser

by Bulldog
4.50 (8)
  • Is Sensitive Moisturiser vegan? Yes! Sensitive Moisturiser is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

About the brand

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Most helpful reviews

I really like this as a daily moisturiser. I have eczema and it didn't flare

that up. It also leaves my skin feeling really soft all day. It can be a little pricey but tends to be widely available here so it's an easy choice to find

I would describe this as medium-weight because it’s not super light nor is it a

heavy night cream. A nice, lightly scented everyday moisturizer. Marketed for men but works for anybody. 100% vegan brand. #skincare

I tried this moisturizer for the first time because it is fragrance-free and vegan, it

is light so it is suitable for oily skin, but it has some pore clogging ingredients
Bulldog is a brand for men but I think their products are for everyone and some I find them really excellent, such as lip balm, razor, cleansing gel.

It costs about €10 for 100ml of product

A great moisturizer. Was sent this by mistake instead of the Original moisturizer but still

love it. Is slightly stingy for me (it really shouldn't be for a "sensitive" product) but still works.

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