Banana Bubs Mini

by Bubs
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I reviewed the bagged version of these, but they are different enough that they deserve

their own review I think.
This is the smaller version of the candy that is available in the #picknmix section, but still way larger then the ones in the bag.

The taste is the same and I really love the flavour of these! Very #sweet, creamy and candy-like #banana flavour. It has a good #caramel flavour too that I would describe as slight malty or maple like. I consider these a must try #candy if you’re in any Nordic country!

The texture is however pretty different compared to the bagged version, these are softer. While they have a slight chew they’re not anywhere near as chewy as those. These are a bit more on the slightly squishy side but not quite that mushy marshmallow texture either. I personally prefer the denser chewy ones. These are still great and if you dislike getting candies stuck to your teeth I recommend these ones.

It is #palmoilfree, #glutenfree, #soyfree and #nutfree. Due to the nature of pick and mix you should be careful if you have allergies however. You pick the amount you want into a paper bag so it’s a nice #plasticfree alternative.

💵 I purchased these when there was a 10 NOK per 100g sale at Coop. Good price!

#bananalover #toffee #vegancandy #sweettooth #vegansweets #candies

This is a Swedish candy this is yum yum yum! It’s vegan and it has

the taste of bananas. This is my absolute favourite and you can usually find it in normal food stores in Sweden where candy is.

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